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Costs associated with ground work, brick purchasing and roofing and cladding of the walls - Essay Example

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This essay is about construction economics. The essay involves working out by applying reasonable assumption where applicable to assess and analyze construction activities of a six workshop unit. The plans and elevations of the plan are to be used in both assumption and equations…
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Costs associated with ground work, brick purchasing and roofing and cladding of the walls
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Extract of sample "Costs associated with ground work, brick purchasing and roofing and cladding of the walls"

Download file to see previous pages Assuming that workers are expected to work for eight hours a day, construction work is done six days in a week; the exaction work is expected to take a total of 96 hours since the contractor’s program allows maximum of two weeks of excavation. Assuming also that, on the first day of the first week, it is only the excavator and the driver were present on the site since there would have been no material for the loader and the lorry to work on the first day. That means as the excavator and general operations covered 12 days; the lorry and the loader were present in the site for 11 days in the two excavation weeks time. Assuming also, that two Lorries were used to ferry the waste material to the tipping site and as the first lorry got loaded, it was taking the same time to and fro the site and the tipping site as loading the next lorry. Since the distance from the excavation site to the tipping site is 5miles, by converting it to kilometers , its’ equal to 8 kilometers as 1 mile is equivalent to 1.6 km. Assuming the time to load the waste to be 30 minutes (0.5 hours) . Hence the lorry will travel at a speed of 32 kilometers per hour. That means in a day the Lorries will cover 16 trips, subtracting the 1 trip lost at the start of every day while loading the first lorry. The total cost to be incurred can be established as below; General operation costs (12*8*12) =1152 Euros. Lorry and Driver (11*8*38) =3344 Euros. Wheel excavator and driver (12*8*35) =3072 Euros. Loader backhoe (11*8*32) =2816 Euros. Tipping fees (15*20*11) =3300 Euros. Therefore, the total excavation cost for the two weeks will be; (1152 Euros + 3344 Euros + 3072 Euros +2816 Euros + 3300 Euros= 13684 Euros)....
This research will begin with the statement that the ground work of a construction includes the laying down of a building’s foundation. The foundation is that part of walls, piers and a column which is in direct contact with, and transmits loads to the ground. The most basic and fundamental requirement of a foundation is strength and stability; therefore the foundation should be deep enough in order to foster stability of the building. The excavated soil should be transported to another site away from the construction site in order to create space. Brick work involves making of the bricks at Edenhall facing bricks and from Strawbone facing bricks. The perimeter, height and partition of the six unit workshop will determine the number of bricks to be used. The overall cost of the exercise will include the cost of material, 8% on overhead cost and profit. The perimeter of the wall is (85364* 2 +25464 *2) =221656mm. The lump sum price amounts to 121000 pounds while scaffolding costs 10,000. So the net amount for the rest part of work is (121000-10000) = 111000 pounds. This is the amount that will be spent on buying the materials and the cost of labor. Cost of materials delivered to the site in roofing and wall cladding phase can be found by working on this equation; (number of sheets*price per sheet) + (number of Plastic headed stainless steel screws* price per unit) i.e. (n.s*p.s) + (*p.u)
Cost of labor will be equated as following; (labour cost of cladding the wall +labour cost of roofing, i.e. (
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