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The programming languages that still use one size fits for all data types include C programming language, Scala which generally has support for the functional programming such as pattern matching,…
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One size fits all datatypes
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ONE SIZE FITS ALL DATATYPES A wide range of programming languages that still use one size fit all data types. The programming languages that still use one size fits for all data types include C programming language, Scala which generally has support for the functional programming such as pattern matching, lazy evaluation, and tail recursion among others. Programs in this language are generally very concise and small in size. The interactive shell and scripting support forms part of the scala programming language and have been in use for a long period of time. . The examples of C data types that uses one size fit all include integer types, void types and floating-point types. The integer types has a number o language applications include signed char, char, short, unsigned short, unsigned long and unsigned char which have different storage size and value ranges (MACDONALD, 02, 2007). The void types exists in three main forms which include function returns as void, functions arguments as void that do not accept any parameter inserted to it and pointers to void that shows the address of a given object but does not include its type. The floating-point types has a applications such as the float, double and long double with different storage capabilities, value ranges as well as precision (CONNER, 12, 2010).
The words true or false can be used in the description of Boolean types despite the fact that the two values or terms are hardly used as a single binary digit in order to achieve efficiency. The composite types use programming languages such as union which refers to the total number of permitted primitive data types (BALENA, 23, 2004). An array is a composite type that is able to store large number of elements in the format. An object offers description on the number of data fields that can be accessed through a program code. A set describes an abstract data structure that has the ability to store a number of certain values while a tagged union has additional fields that are used for enhancing the safety of a data type ( STEPHENS, 67, 2004).
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