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Testing - Coursework Example

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Discussions Black Box testing and White Box Testing Black-box test design treats the system as ‘inaccessible’, so it doesn't explicitly use knowledge of the internal structure of the system. There are many advantages to black-box testing like: 1. Ease of use: We simply work through the application, as an end user like will it work on windows platform or not…
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Extract of sample "Testing"

Download file to see previous pages White-box test design allows one to peek inside the "box", and it focuses specifically on using internal knowledge of the software to guide the selection of test data. There are distinct advantages to white-box testing like: 1. Thoroughness: As such, white-box testing is much more thorough in terms of what percentage of the application we can test. This helped us in finding out that it will overwrite the point character if you first enter it and then enter a number. 2. Stability: Delivers greater stability and reusability of test cases if the objects that comprise an application never change like the calculator whose multiplication is constant but whose exception was not correct. But there’s the flip side of the coin as well and each of these come with a few disadvantages as well. The Black-Box Testing Techniques lack accuracy and despite the ease of use lack thoroughness and it doesn’t look very stable to me. Other disadvantages include the fragility of scripts and lack of introspection that comes with no knowledge of the internal structure. ...
GUI testing JUnit testing Success of any GUI application depends on how it interacts through its user interface with different users. An application with invalid behavior or incorrect user interaction can lead to large problems. GUI testing is a process to test the application's user interface and to detect if the application is working fine functionally. GUI Testing includes how the application deals with keyboard and mouse events, how different GUI components like menu-bars, tool-bars, dialog-boxes, buttons, entry fields, list navigations, images etc. respond to user input and to ensure that the tasks are performed as desired. The GUI testing can be implemented either manually or through automated methods. Manual testing is often error prone as well as far from exhaustive thus automated approach is preferred. Automated GUI Testing is use of a software program to check if the application is working fine functionally. This includes automating manual testing tasks which are mostly time consuming and error prone. To test a GUI, we needed a good method of finding the components of value, selecting cells in a table, dragging things about, clicking buttons, etc. The events we test are similar to assembly language only these are applicable for GUI testing. What the ideal approach is in describing the expected behavior is that we clarify the developer's goals before penning the code can; this avoids overbuilding useless feature and the correlated feature sets. Below is the required refactoring of the Java calculator program using Test-Driven Development (TDD). There is no possibility of exception in multiplication function so exception part of code can be considered as a dead code and can be removed. Public DivideByZeroExeption(String s), this function can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Flexure Testing of Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Composites

... standard testing (or test) methods, as well as several other supporting standards, apply to fiber-reinforced polymer matrix materials. Flexural testing provides a detailed procedures and analysis of various composite testing standards, including the non-ASTM test methods. The user of any given standard has a responsibility to establish the most appropriate health and safety practices, as well as to determine the regulatory limitations of particular standards Factors influencing the underlying performance of natural fiber reinforced composites besides the hydrophilic nature of the fibre. The other properties of the natural fibre reinforced composites are fibre content. The high quantity of fibre is essential for accomplishing the high...
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