Event planning Part 2 - Coursework Example

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Though it will be close to exceeding the capacity of people that are to attend, it has a gorgeous ballroom area. This will allow for the stage that will display the musical entertainment. There…
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Event planning Part 2
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Locations Web Site Positives Negatives Estimated Cost Kelly Ballroom Calhoun Community College, Decatur campus http Large open space for the dance area.
Plenty of room for a live band or DJ
A front patio for dining area.
Massive clean up after the event.
Only one exit and one entry way.
Front Lawn, Downtown State Building
Wide open space with view of the night sky.
Large grassy area to set up tables and dance floor.
Easy entry and exiting for pedestrian and automobile traffic.
If raining will have to cancel event.
Construction of stage will add more to cost of event.
No restrooms.
Beautiful view of the cost.
Covered dining area with bar
Boat rides
No room for band or DJ, but the bar has a karaoke lounge.
Limited parking
Small dining area
Web Site
Yo-yo Ma
Classical String Quartet
Beautiful Music
A classical master
Great for Ball type events
Not for all listeners pleasure
Expensive and non- negotiable
Maybe not the right thing for a reunion type event
Zach Brown Band
Country rock band
Fun and great to dance too
Would please the entire guest population
Would attracted people to the reunion that would not come otherwise
Loud and needs to stay under sound ordinance.
Pricey and may not be available till November
DJ Skrilex
Great for dancing
Low cost
Not to everybody’s
Not exactly what we want for the event
Inappropriate for the under age
For the “Reunion Event”, I chose the facilities at Calhoun Community College. Though it will be close to exceeding the capacity of people that are to attend, it has a gorgeous ballroom area. This will allow for the stage that will display the musical entertainment. There is room for a dance floor and a front patio for a lovely dining experience for the guests. The dining area overlooks a lovely mountain view. The entertainment chosen for this event is the Zach Brown band because they are very poplar locally. The guest will be able to dance and enjoy the band. The whole atmosphere should be semi-formal with a hometown feel. With the catered food from a local gourmet restaurant, the event will provide a wonderful experience for the all who attend Read More
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Event Planning Part 2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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