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The SMERF group with the most potential for growth is the Military and other Reunions. It is the fastest growing markets all the SMERF groups and has caught…
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Review Questions 6
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Review Question 6 Review Questions Question One: What are SMERF groups? Why are they an important market segment? What SMERF market segment shows potential for growth?
SMERF stand for
Social Groups
Military and other reunions
Educational groups
Religious groups
Fraternal Groups
SMERF are an essential part of the segment market because they are an excellent source of business during the slow months. The SMERF group with the most potential for growth is the Military and other Reunions. It is the fastest growing markets all the SMERF groups and has caught the attention of many event planners (Sharma 2005).
Question 6: Cite several reasons why the medical meeting segment is likely to grow.
The reforms in health care and changes in technology
Development of new cures and treatments
The need to continue with education
The emergences of new medical areas
Question 7: Who are the key decision-makers for each of the segments discussed in this chapter? How can each type of meeting planner most effectively reach?
The key decision-makers for each of the segment groups include
Non-governmental Organizations Groups – The key decision-makers are its members. Planners can effectively reach them through the Guide to America Directories or the HSMAI’S Affordable Meeting Exposition and Conference
Social Groups – The key decision-makers are the small sub-groupings such as chess clubs, ethnic groups, or bowling leagues. The lead sources of information are the yellow pages where you can get details on clubs, political, athletic, and political organizations.
Military and other Reunions – key decision makers are current and former military personnel with their families. The lead sources of information are the reunion network and military reunion news.
Educational Groups – The key decision-makers are current and former pupils, and teachers in the education sector. The lead source of information is the Educational Associations and Directories
Religious Groups – The key decision makers are religious organizations such as churches, synagogues, and mosques. Lead source of information is the Religious Conference Management Association
Fraternal Groups – the key decision makers are fraternities and sororities. The lead sources of information are Fraternity Executives Association and national Pan-Hellenic Conference
Government Agencies – The key decision makers are the different government agencies. The lead sources of information are the yellow pages, blue pages, or any other special pages.
Labor Unions –The key decision makers are the different labor unions. The lead sources of information are National Conventions: General Secretary of Union and executive and committee meetings.
Incentive Meetings – the key decision makers are the different employers. The lead sources of information are Society of Incentive Travel Executives: annual directory and trade shows.
Insurance Meetings – The key decision makers are the insurance companies. The lead sources of information are the insurance companies home office, Insurance Planners Association and Meeting Professionals Internationals
Medical Meetings – The key decision makers are the different Medical Associations and their members. The lead sources of information are the Professional Convention Management and the Medical Periodicals and Journals.
Sharma, D. (2005). Event planning and management. New Delhi: Deep & Deep Publications. Read More
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