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The Language of Authors in Expressing Issues in the Novel - Literature review Example

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The following paper under the title  'The Language of Authors in Expressing Issues in the Novel' presents Blood and Guts in High School which employs various techniques such as appropriation, mixing of genres, cut-ups, mixing of sexual/political forms…
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The Language of Authors in Expressing Issues in the Novel
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Extract of sample "The Language of Authors in Expressing Issues in the Novel"

Download file to see previous pages The use of the narrator in the novel helps illustrate sensual, erotic, and heartbreaking moments. To achieve its goal of exploring the acknowledged subject of love, betrayal, beauty, and desire, the author approaches the issues with an overwhelming zeal. Hence, the aim of the study is to evaluate the various techniques used in the two narratives in communicating their notions of the various subjects within the novels.
Acker uses language from other writers; as well, the plot in her fiction employs appropriation, which in return propels appropriation to the extreme since a huge part of her writing integrates texts of fiction from past writers. Blood and Guts in High school deal with the journey of a young lady through a dark world characterized by absence of love and the presence of sexual pervasion initiated by her father (Acker, 1989). Rejection forces Janey to live in New York on her own by indulging in drug abuse, gratuitous sex, and violence that eventually resulted in her kidnapping, which made her a captive. To express the various themes in the novel, Acker borrows from other texts and popular culture (Acker, 1989).
According to Hughes (2006), Ackers “decision to make Janey a child has two goals: one the juxtaposition of the innocence of childhood; two to reinforce and underscore her message of injustice toward women in a patriarchal society.” For instance, there is a scene where Acker portrays a startling and troubling image of Janey having sex with her father. The combination of child and sex shows the innocence of childhood offended by sex as portrayed in the text where Janey deals with her father’s infidelity
Janey: You told me that you were just friends like me and Peter (Janey’s stuffed lamb) and you weren’t going to sleep together. It’s not like my sleeping around with all those art studs: when you sleep with your best friend, it’s really, really heavy (Acker, 1989)
Acker incorporates a technique of combining the shameful and the delicate by illustrating Janey’s childish actions together with her sexual behavior within the same paragraph. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Language of Authors in Expressing Issues in the Novel Literature review.
(The Language of Authors in Expressing Issues in the Novel Literature Review)
The Language of Authors in Expressing Issues in the Novel Literature Review.
“The Language of Authors in Expressing Issues in the Novel Literature Review”.
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