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Gothic Romance: Mary Shelleys Frankenstein and Robert Louis Stevensons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Term Paper Example

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The author analyzes the gothic romance that has the elements of horror, romanticism as well as fiction in them; the plot is usually placed in a medieval setting. The author focuses on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. …
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Gothic Romance: Mary Shelleys Frankenstein and Robert Louis Stevensons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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Extract of sample "Gothic Romance: Mary Shelleys Frankenstein and Robert Louis Stevensons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

Download file to see previous pages The villainous creatures that these authors have fashioned have sulky demeanors and yet are still appreciated by the masses because it is in their wickedness that they show their humanity which appeals to the emotions as well as the imaginations of the readers.

The world is full of bad and good people, both of whom choose a particular path to cross depending on their personal reasons and experiences. Despite their involvement with the immoral, they are people who always have the option of redeeming themselves. Back then, there was a belief regarding how what one was from the inside was what one looked from the outside. A villain had an unfavorable personality so his character often had deformed bodies, making it apparent to the reader that this one physically impaired person deserved what he got because of his unpleasant persona.

In Shelley’s book Frankenstein, for example, the creature is the result of an experiment gone wrong that had been performed by Victor Frankenstein. Upon accidentally discovering how to bring life to dead tissues during one of his stunts in his laboratory, the man comes up with an idea of building his own human and dedicates all his time and skills to the task. It has now been discovered that ‘animal tissues are endowed with intrinsic electricity that is involved in fundamental physiological processes such as nerve conduction and muscle contraction’ (Piccolino 1). He assumes the mammoth responsibility of creating a new life from his own hands through unnatural means and forgetting ‘that the distance between God and the least defective of his creatures [was] still infinite’, expects a beautiful creature (Foucault, The Order of Things: An Archaeology of the Human Sciences 150). His presumption of acting god does not serve him well and his hopes are squashed.  He generates different parts for the body piece by piece. Slowly, he creates a being whose body is ‘pieced together out of the fabric of race, class, gender and sexuality’ (Halberstam 3). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Class and Period
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde adaptation
Dr. Edmond: a respectable doctor who works for the better society and is known for his philanthropy.
Mr. Augur: the dark unconscious side of Dr. Edmond, which takes hold of him whenever he sees evil in society.
Mr. Alistair: the butler who is aware of Dr. Edmond’s secret and is helping him find a control of the recurring Mr. Augur.
Miss. Sasha: a neighbor and childhood friend.
Setting of the room
The characters, Dr. Edmond and Mr. Alistair are sitting in the Lab beneath the house. The lab is fully equipped...
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Great people are involved in bad things this is the fact of live, yet this does not make them evil (Stevenson pp 28-75).
Using the central characters and the key theme of the duplicity of mankind Louis Stevenson strategically clears the air on the broad theme of good and evil in the book. By use of the character of Dr. Jekyll, the author explains ‘good’. Mr. Utterson who is a lawyer based in London also an old friend of Dr. Jekyll; he has the quality of being loyal to his friends and also concerned about Henry Dr. Jekyll. With this loyalty, he asks him about his pal Mr. Hyde whom he had left his luggage in his will (Cresser N.P). "You know I never approved of it," said the doctor. Mr. Utterson believes that the doctor bed them...
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... was the same character that had committed the various atrocities but in Hyde’s personality. Works cited Gray, William. Fantasy, Art and Life: Essays on George Macdonald, Robert Louis Stevenson and Other Fantasy Writers. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Pub, 2011. Internet resource. Stevenson, Robert. L. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. New York:, 1980. Internet resource.                   Stevenson, Robert. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Includes In-Depth Study Guide, Chapter Analysis, Biography, and the Complete Novella: BookCaps Study Guides. New York: BookCaps Study Guides, 2012. Print....
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