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The Concept of Transcendence in Gnostic Texts and How It Serves as a Helpful Guide in Our Daily Lives - Research Paper Example

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This paper discusses the concept of transcendence found in the following tests 1) The Gnostic Gospels by author E. Pagels, 2) Zen Flesh, Zen Bones by the author: Paul Reps, and Nyogen Senzaki 3) Cat's Cradle by author Vonnegut and 4) Doors of Perception by author Huxley. …
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The Concept of Transcendence in Gnostic Texts and How It Serves as a Helpful Guide in Our Daily Lives
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Extract of sample "The Concept of Transcendence in Gnostic Texts and How It Serves as a Helpful Guide in Our Daily Lives"

Download file to see previous pages After the death of Jesus, Christianity battled for supremacy during the 1st century. The Gnostic Gospels serve to enlighten us by shedding light on Christianity during those turbulent times. These books also kindled the interest of contemporary authors who showed great interest in these controversial writings. Some of the earliest Gnostic writers were Mary Magdalene, Thomas, James, and many others.

Transcendence is defined by many to be the experience one has, which goes beyond a normal or physical level. However, in the modern world, transcendence denotes a position of superiority or supremacy over others. To transcend means to exceed one’s ordinary range of how we perceive things and push beyond the boundaries of one’s experience. Transcendent is a term that we use to describe either a person or something that is way beyond our comprehension or understanding when their experience surpasses the normal limits of excellence. In religion, God is considered as the only transcendent being because he is the Almighty and exceeds our limit of understanding. He is beyond all things that are physical or ordinary in this world.

Elaine Pagels is the author of ‘The Gnostic Gospels’, which is a critical landmark study of Christianity and its ancient buried roots. This enlightening work came in for critical acclaim when it got published in 1979. Proud winner of two awards – The National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award, this book has influenced scholars for over two decades. The Gnostic Gospels comprised of 13 papyrus volumes that were unearthed by an Egyptian peasant Muhammad Ali, in 1945. In this spellbinding book, well-renowned scholar of religion, Elaine Pagels elucidates a totally new viewpoint about the life and teachings of Jesus, when compared to the contemporary New Testament. The author unravels the mysteries and inner meanings of these religious texts, based on the first Christians and tries to draw parallels of Christianity as we see it today in The New Testament.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Concept of Transcendence in Gnostic Texts and How It Serves as a Research Paper, n.d.)
The Concept of Transcendence in Gnostic Texts and How It Serves as a Research Paper.
(The Concept of Transcendence in Gnostic Texts and How It Serves As a Research Paper)
The Concept of Transcendence in Gnostic Texts and How It Serves As a Research Paper.
“The Concept of Transcendence in Gnostic Texts and How It Serves As a Research Paper”.
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