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Analysis of Parent and Child Relationship in August Wilson's Fences - Essay Example

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The paper analyses the parent/child relationship in the "Fences" play using the sociological approach, which proposes the existence of a reciprocal relationship between the self and society. The struggles in the relationships between parents and their children in the play revolve around the visions.   …
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Analysis of Parent and Child Relationship in August Wilsons Fences
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Parent and Child Relationship in August Wilson's Fences"

Download file to see previous pages Set in the 1950s, Fences is a 1983 award-winning play by the American playwright August Wilson; the play is the sixth one in the writers ten-part Pittsburgh Cycle, and just like the rest of them, Fences explores the shifting African-American experience and tackles race relations among other crucial themes in the Black American history. The play revolves around a 53-year-old Troy, the play’s protagonist, who struggles to provide for his family that entails his wife Rose, his son Cory and Troy’s younger brother Gabriel, in an unspecified location, though reference to some notable institutions hint that it could be Pittsburgh. Beginning in 1957, the play drags on to 1965, though its themes fall in the pre-civil-rights-movement, which was still a latent time, where the protagonist­­-- a tragic character, paves way for other blacks to have access to opportunities under conditions they were never free to experience, but still, they do not reap from all their sacrifices and talents themselves.

The play puts a lot of emphasis on the parent/child relationship, especially because family, as well as upbringing, plays a fundamental role in developing an individual’s values; under normal circumstances, children look to their parents for love, guidance, as well as approval since they occupy a very significant position of security, ensuring their children’s providence and protection accordingly. However, the parent/child relationships in the play are constrained with conflicts that result from their sociological conditions; for instance, Cory clearly disrespects his father, even though he looks up to him as a father figure (Renee). In the play, parents seem to have the best intentions for their children, but they end up alienating them, thereby causing tensions that frustrate the parent/child bonds. Troy’s tainted morality due to his infidelity affects his relationship with Cory negatively, and the son is confused as to why his mother would tolerate his father’s mannerisms.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Analysis of Parent and Child Relationship in August Wilson's Fences Essay, n.d.)
Analysis of Parent and Child Relationship in August Wilson's Fences Essay.
(Analysis of Parent and Child Relationship in August Wilson'S Fences Essay)
Analysis of Parent and Child Relationship in August Wilson'S Fences Essay.
“Analysis of Parent and Child Relationship in August Wilson'S Fences Essay”.
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