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From the paper "Summary of Cesare Lombroso's Criminal Man" it is clear that Lombroso expands his research about the role of physical defects regarding the criminal intent, by stating how certain mental defects could also be a sign of criminal tendencies. …
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Summary of Cesare Lombrosos Criminal Man
Download file to see previous pages Destruction in the sense, from the earlier times people have been wrecking and destroying many fellow lives for one reason or other. Thus, a sizable number of people has committed and is committing various types of crimes from murder, physical assault, rape, etc, etc., earning the tag of criminals. There are various factors, perspectives and theories on why a human may commit a crime and become a criminal. Experts in this specific field of criminology have researched crimes in various settings, and have come out and are still coming out with a sizable number of theories regarding how humans turn into criminals or maybe how humans may be ‘endowed’ with the criminal intent. Endowed with the criminal intent means, there is a view that if humans are endowed with certain physical characteristics or features, they would exhibit criminal intent leading to crimes. One of the main proponents of this theory was Cesare Lombroso, a physician and criminologist who lived and worked in Italy and other European countries in the 1800s till the first decade of 1900s. He was the founder of the Italian School of Positivist Criminology and is regarded in many circles as the Father of modern scientific criminology. In his times, Lombroso opposed the already established Classical School of criminology and its tenets. The Classical school stated that crime is a characteristic trait of human behavior and nature, and it happens influenced by the humans’ external environment and his/her mental state. However, Lombroso incorporating concepts from Social Darwinism, physiognomy and psychiatry, came up with the theory of anthropological criminology. According to this theory, criminality or criminal intent is something that inherited by the alleged criminals, and so the “born criminal” can be identified by observing his/her physical features or ‘defects’. Although this theory of judging a person by his/her physical characteristics was and may seem controversial, it provided key inputs to the field of criminology. Lombroso compiled all the tenets of his theory in a multi-edition book called Criminal Man, thus discussing his theory in a detailed manner with case-examples, illustrations, etc.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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