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Not sure - Essay Example

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Mencius serves as one of the greatest philosophers and moralists of ancient era China, who has left indelible impact of his wonderful wisdom, foresight and thoughtfulness on the life and minds of the Chinese people in particular and the entire humanity in general. The…
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Download file to see previous pages claim that man maintains innate inclinations towards morality, which does not let him to go astray quite unbridled without being responsible to some Supreme Being, who has created His voice in every heart in the form of conscience in order to keep the seduction and temptation of the evil away from him.
Human nature, according to this distinguished sage, and its impulses as well, if cultivated, turn into moral virtues. Our natures are, he argues, what heaven has given us (6A.15). Since heaven has created human nature in its own image, it has natural tendencies of inclining towards goodness ultimately. Thus, human nature even remaining indulged into the vice of various kinds, eventually inclines to the traits and characteristics attributed to it by birth. Human nature, Mencius further asserts, is what links us with the non-human universe, the normative order of heaven. Consequently, human soul has been created with the gifted moral values Nature looks for in human actions in one way or the other. Indeed, the quality of this relationship is such that Mencius is able to claim that “If one knows one’s nature, one will know heaven” (Makeham 2001). The same has also been preached by Mencius’ predecessor Confucius, and the very notion has always been endorsed and projected by the future philosophers and thinkers in their respective philosophical works.
Illustrious moralist and sage of ancient Chinese civilization Confucius had preached virtue and compassion towards humanity without discrimination through his preaching. He submits that where there exists the razor of iniquity, inequality, evil and social injustice in a society, there is least probability of the blossoming of the plant of goodness, charity, honesty and wisdom, and vice versa (Yu 2012). The same was the notion promoted by the distinguished ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, who had declared having knowledge of the universal phenomena as a great virtue that protects humans from going astray and ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Not sure

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