Classical Mythology and the Myth of Er in the Republic - Thesis Example

In the report, it is stated that the purpose of myth has never been uniformly defined. By the classical period, Plato presents the Myth of Er in the Republic as a way of intimidating or scaring people into behaving correctly or morally. …
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Classical Mythology and the Myth of Er in the Republic

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Download file to see previous pages It will be argued that among the most powerful myths and functions for myth, narratives surrounding nature are important as they likewise have often evolved around various cultural practices and rituals. In other words, the power of nature myths is the very capacity to bring together a social practice or ritualized form of behavior, such as a fertility rite, with a narrative about nature or how a particular element in nature came into existence.
Ovid's Metamorphoses is a good example of the centrality of nature, change and transformation in mythology. It is a Latin version of essentially Hellenic myths, and they largely concern stories where a key transformation of an individual takes place – as the term or concept of metamorphoses suggests. The work as with Hesiod's Theogony begins with an account of how the universe began and outlines the transformations from the various epochs of the Gods and the onset or creation of the universe. That is, the “Four Ages” the “Giants”, “the Flood” and the “Council of the Gods” [Ovid, Book, I., p. 5ff.] are all basically Greek or Hellenic creation stories retold by Ovid. While the focus of the following analysis will be on the original creation myths and the influence of nature in Hellenic mythology, it is worth noting at the outset that the influence of these types or forms of myths endured becoming a central theme in the Roman adaptation of these myths. What is assimilated in Ovid from Hesiod, are those narratives that explain the natural phenomenon? That is, how the universe itself was created with its distinct elements, and how various changes take place in nature. Changes that include the seasons that come and pass away, but also the passing of human life itself. It will be demonstrated that these elements of myth as connected to the power of nature – and as an explanation for nature, have their origins in the oral tradition of the Hellenes or Greeks. In turn, the oral tradition of mythologies and transformation in nature was first written down by the poet Hesiod.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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