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Annotated Bibliography on Hurricane Katrina - Literature review Example

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The paper "Annotated Bibliography on Hurricane Katrina" concerns the brief literature reviews on such books as Hoffman, M. (2007). Hurricane Katrina. The Rosen Publishing Group, Brinkley, D. (2007). The Great Deluge: Hurricane, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and others…
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Annotated Bibliography on Hurricane Katrina
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Extract of sample "Annotated Bibliography on Hurricane Katrina"

Download file to see previous pages Narrative analysis of how hurricane Katrina was different from those that happened earlier and why was it a major setback for the Homeland Security Departments of America. Furthermore, the book also describes the major factors and problems of the hurricane and why is it marked as an important event in the history of America. Also, this book gives details about how the government tried to help people recover all that they lost in this catastrophe, and what kind of role did the government play in helping them economically and psychologically (Hoffman, 2007, pp 25-89).
This is a comprehensive book, with easy to understand vocabulary and language. The book provides the details of hurricane Katrina that hit Florida, rapidly moving towards the Gulf of Mexico, causing hundreds of deaths and heaving thousands homeless. Also, it states how the government failed to provide enough backup fur to the people of America, as it was one of the most accurately predicted hurricanes in the history of America. This book narrates all the incidents that took place after the disastrous hurricane, millions were left homeless without any kind of shelter or support, the death toll started rising extensively and the conditions of the victims were poor. At last, they were emancipated from their condition of helplessness and the survivors were rehabilitated. All these events are complied with in an interesting narrative style which makes the book very gripping and exciting (Palser, 2007, pp 10-54).
This book was written by the bestseller author, Douglas Brinkley (2007) epically describes the events that caused major devastation in the United States of America; hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina that demolished ‘Gulf Coast cities of America’ (Brinkley, 2007) and took away hundreds of lives within just five hours was one of the five most catastrophic hurricanes in the history of the United States. This book highlights all the events preceding the hurricane Katrina. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Annotated Bibliography on Hurricane Katrina Literature review - 1, n.d.)
Annotated Bibliography on Hurricane Katrina Literature review - 1.
(Annotated Bibliography on Hurricane Katrina Literature Review - 1)
Annotated Bibliography on Hurricane Katrina Literature Review - 1.
“Annotated Bibliography on Hurricane Katrina Literature Review - 1”.
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