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The Modern Rhetorical Practice Based in the Creation of a New Dialect of Language - Essay Example

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The essay will analyze the argot or slang-language “Nadsat” using the strategies of classical and modern Rhetoric, and in this context, Nadsat can be taken as an example in the larger whole of the novel ‘A Clockwork Orange’. For purposes of analysis in the context of Rhetoric…
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The Modern Rhetorical Practice Based in the Creation of a New Dialect of Language
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Extract of sample "The Modern Rhetorical Practice Based in the Creation of a New Dialect of Language"

Download file to see previous pages Burgess’ protagonist, Alex, in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is important because he is a tragic hero and a symbol of the era in which the book was written. In Alex and his difficulties are represented the problems and real lives of millions of European youth who grow up in mass-media environments where they can be programmed stylistically to ultra-violence. If we consider how the totalitarian police state of the future would express itself in youth culture, we see in Alex a mixture of the pop music fan of the early Beatles variety, programmed with sophisticated advertising techniques that use style and concepts akin to “coolness” in the 60’s to turn him into an unconscious psychopath. The portrait is further illustrated by the arrogance and hatred that fuse in a mocking, insubordinate attitude that imagines that the new state of being in ultra-violence is the best, as it is the latest, newest, most fashionable development at the time. ‘A Clockwork Orange’ critically deconstructs dominant aspects of Western society in the Cold War by making them even more “other” – using a fusion of the Russian language and English jive. With this example, the way that Nadsat is used by Burgess as a rhetoric device to build sympathy and identification, even admiration despite his character’s morally reprehensible actions, the essay will look at this rhetorical tactic by the author in three contexts: 1. Ancient Greek Rhetorical Theory – as represented by Aristotle’s Rhetoric 2. Ancient Roman Rhetorical Theory – as represented by Rhetorica ad Herennium 3. Modern Rhetorical Theory – as represented by the overview of James Herrick. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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