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5 Questions re: The AmericanTradition in Literature by George and Barbara Perkins - Assignment Example

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The different works of the Native Americans show several similarities and differences to other cultures and peoples, creating a universal thought process in other forms. When reading the pieces of literature, it can be seen that the similarities are defined as the religious…
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5 Questions re: The AmericanTradition in Literature by George and Barbara Perkins
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Extract of sample "5 Questions re: The AmericanTradition in Literature by George and Barbara Perkins"

Download file to see previous pages An example of the similarities can be read in stories such as At the Time of the White Dawn. The main example is one which is associated with creation and which most cultures across the world accept. From this example, it can be seen that there is a universal understanding of a creator, which is religiously accepted and believed by those that are a part of every culture. Another similarity is based on the cycles of life through stories such as The Corn Grows Up. Every culture accepts that there is a beginning and end to everything, specifically through observances in life and death. These are strongly affiliated with the different Native American stories, as well as other cultures in various regions of the world, showing it as a universal concept.
The unique expressions that are associated with the Native Americans are based on the way that the literature is expressed. When reading the different stories, it can be seen that the animals, qualities and characteristics of the stories differ. The reverence that is held for Snake the Cause, for instance, would differ than the interpretation of a snake in other cultures. These different attributes are strongly associated with the way in which many experienced life in specific regions of the earth as well as how this could be associated with. The expressions in the story become unique based on the actions of the characters, animals associated with the stories and the way in which each of the stories are revealed.
2. The value of Bradstreet’s poetry is to show that there is more than gender, physical presence and a component in which each individual has which is universal. The focus she carries is one that shows how the universal concepts of being human are more important than other parts of life, specifically from a Puritan viewpoint. Bradstreet shows how love, freedom and defining identity are more important than the physical, specifically which define the value of her ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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5 Questions Re: The AmericanTradition in Literature by George and Assignment.
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