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From the paper "Racial Discrimination in the Society" it is clear that racial discrimination and cruelty inflicted over the people from African-American community have pained the authors in different ways and the brutal face of society in dealing with the black people terrifies the reader. …
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Racial Discrimination in the Society

Extract of sample Racial Discrimination in the Society

Download file to see previous pages Man’s senseless contemplation of their self-oriented social superiority and his actions to prevent such prejudiced approaches have caused enough damage to the society yet, they still blinded by such inhumane perceptions. Two centuries back, the racial discrimination factor was all-pervasive and during this point of time, so much torture and cruelty have been inflicted over dark people by their ‘superior’ white counterparts that an actual historical documentation would surely degrade the graceful face of humanity.
Several such works have already been done and those have reflected the actual picture of the society but at the core of heart white people have still remained equally discriminative as well as hateful towards their ‘inferior’ African-American counterparts. Looking at the 20th and 21st-century world we see that people claiming to provide the highest preference towards humane faculties but the actual situation exists to the stark contrast with reality. The racial discrimination factor has occupied a special place in the scope of American poetics and apart from mainstream historical documentation the literary creations have also played a great role in exposing the true face of crooked humanity.
Racial discrimination and cruelty inflicted over the people from the African-American community have pained the authors in different ways and the brutal face of society in dealing with the black people terrifies the reader. Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and William Faulkner’s ‘A Light in August’ are two such novels that have represented the actual picture of how the white-dominated society is always keen on making a victim out of a black person. Social antagonism and hatred have amounted to such an extent against the Afro-American people as if the white people want to annihilate the whole community by brutalizing, ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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