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Father Figures in Shakespeare Tragedies - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Father Figures in Shakespeare Tragedies" highlights that Bradley says that the motive of Shakespeare was always to write a tragedy. And the tragedy is a tragedy when it leaves us with pain, questions that are unanswered, that haunts us for days to come…
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Father Figures in Shakespeare Tragedies
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Extract of sample "Father Figures in Shakespeare Tragedies"

Download file to see previous pages Critic A.C. Bradley, through his article, ‘The Shakespearean Tragic Hero’, has drawn a character sketch of the tragic heroes. What makes them behave in the way they do and are they evil by nature that they have to suffer such a great loss at the end, are the questions that he tries to find out. He starts with the study of the individual and taking us through behavior patterns, he ends up showing us the big picture, i.e. the picture of the society.
The important aspect of the Shakespeare heroes is that they are eminent personalities. They are not one of the common people whose life does not affect others. They hold an important position in society and their decisions are important for the country or the noble families as a whole. Let’s take a look at King Lear and Capulet, in the plays ‘King Lear’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ respectively. King Lear is the King
The Shakespeare tragic heroes have common qualities like pride, respect, desire for appreciation, etc. They are neither good Samaritans nor evil human beings. It is just that they live all these common qualities intensely and that is why they seem to be outrageous and uncommon. Now, this intensity is the result of their pride and ego. Because of their public importance, the characters in some way or the other, take their emotions to the extreme and this leads to rash decisions.
In the play King Lear, King Lear asks his daughter Cordelia to say words of praise for him so that he can decide what amount of share she deserves from his kingdom [1]. The desire for appreciation is a common psychological trait. However, it becomes a little extreme when a father asks his daughter to praise him in order to be eligible for the share in his property. Here, it is obvious that King Lear’s love for his daughter depends on how much she can feed his ego and makes him feel important.
The tragic heroes have a one-sided opinion on the situations. Bradley says that they are very strong with their thoughts and opinions and most of the times refuse to look at the other side of the decision [2]. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Father figure's tragic hero traits Book Report/Review.
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Father figure'S Tragic Hero Traits Book Report/Review.
“Father figure'S Tragic Hero Traits Book Report/Review”.
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