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Live Theatrical Professional Performance - Essay Example

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The rain Gods being guide to us, it was just the perfect prelude to the event in the beckoning. The Kentucky Shakespeare festival is almost akin to a…
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Live Theatrical Professional Performance
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Extract of sample "Live Theatrical Professional Performance"

Download file to see previous pages That too at a podium designed for all; young, old, abled or a little less of it!
I visited the festival on the 15th of July, the very first day of the performance when the actors are all totally charged to leave no stone unturned for their first act on the stage. I went a little before time to enjoy the ambience of the festival. . The park with its slides and the fountain at the pillar in the centre of the lawn was quite inviting. You see kiddos running around with faces painted of flowers and butterflies, the hustle bustle at the stage of the last minute setting of properties and checking lights and sound. The pillar with the four faces of the laughing beast facing each direction only went on to call One and All further.
Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s popular works, is also his longest play with its innumerous soliloquies as also one of his most influential tragedies in English literature. Hamlet was presented by Globe Players, now in its sixth year. What we saw on stage, was the cumulative effort of six weeks of intensive training program. All of 15-18 in age, these teenagers assumed such seasoned roles with grit and an endearing innocence. Kentucky Shakespeare Festival veteran Matt Wallace directed the play having to his tune Patrick Zakem playing the title role of Hamlet, Christina Sauer as his mother Gertrude, Collin Sage as the vicious Uncle Claudius, Courtney Hardesty as the vulnerable Ophelia, Collin Jones as Polonious, Mitchell Martin as the faithful friend Horatio, and Ryan Burch as the misled brother and son Laertes.
Many in the audience must have been first timers for Shakespeare. The intensive Victorian language that he employs is considered too cerebral. Add to it the plot of Hamlet is grim with a son’s suspicion of whether his Uncle killed his father, a fact told to him by a ghost! However that’s where this evening ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Live Theatrical Professional Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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