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Maigret Goes to School by Georges Simenon - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper "Maigret Goes to School by Georges Simenon" discusses Georges Simenon’s works that have been successfully adapted for cinema and for television. His books that include serious fiction, as well as the Maigret detective series, have been translated into many languages…
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Maigret Goes to School by Georges Simenon
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Extract of sample "Maigret Goes to School by Georges Simenon"

Download file to see previous pages The pipe-smoking Maigret went on to feature in 75 novels and 28 short stories and about 850 million copies featuring him were sold worldwide. Inspector Maigret is certainly one of the best-known characters in detective fiction

Maigret goes to school is an entertaining book in the Maigret series. All Georges Simenons books have gripping stories and the characters in them are believable, considerate human beings. Maigret goes to school is one such book with an intriguing story. The postmistress, Leonie Birard of Saint Andre, a small village in France near La Rochelle is hit by a bullet in the eye and is killed. The whole village is happy that she is dead. Everyone in the village hated her because she was inquisitive and pried into their secrets and taunted all of them. A man is falsely accused of murdering her. When Inspector Maigret, starts investigating he is met with lies, hostility and evasive answers. Anyone could have committed the murder, but this close knit village comes to the conclusion that Joseph Gastin, the local school teacher, who is an outsider, may have done it and that there is no need for the inspector to conduct the investigation. Maigret agrees to help the schoolmaster. In his inimitable style, he zeroes in on the murderer and gets the murders son to confess that it was his father who had committed the murder.

Like in all his other novels featuring Maigret, in Maigret's goes to school, Maigret has a huge physical appearance. He has large ‘clubs’ for hands. He always wears a heavy overcoat. His trademark pipe is there held firmly in his jaw. Here too is portrayed as a gruff, grumpy at times character. He doesn’t suffer fools easily. His strong presence is reassuring to both the victims as well as criminals.

     The Maigret cases are studies of human nature and not just some puzzle to be solved by the reader. Maigret is not interested in how a crime has been committed but why it has been committed.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Maigret Goes to School by Georges Simenon Book Report/Review.
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Maigret Goes to School by Georges Simenon Book Report/Review.
“Maigret Goes to School by Georges Simenon Book Report/Review”.
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