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The First Thanksgiving By Sarah Vowell - Literature review Example

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This essay discusses the story The First Thanksgiving by Sarah Vowell. This story is a detailed narrative of a young woman’s ambivalent feelings about her family’s visit for Thanksgiving. She perceives them as intimidating to be with, due to the fact that they find it difficult to communicate with each other…
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The First Thanksgiving By Sarah Vowell
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Extract of sample "The First Thanksgiving By Sarah Vowell"

Download file to see previous pages Amy and the baby get to stay with her in the duration of the vacation while their parents check in at the Chelsea Savoy hotel, which the Sarah made sure of because of its guaranteed sanitation.
Sarah seems to feel that she is transported back in time as memories of being a youth living with her parents flood her. She realized that it would have been much easier if they spent Thanksgiving back in their hometown, as she needn’t worry about filling the air with family-worthy conversation because everyone else would be busy with their own preoccupations – Dad in his workshop, Mom in the kitchen, but in her present home in New York, that is not possible -at least, not on the first day, when ice needed to be broken. Her dad kept teasing her that she couldn’t wait until they are out of her hair. In a way, perhaps he felt awkward too, deep inside, being waited upon by his “estranged” daughter. He throws out sarcasm to validate Sarah’s true feelings about their visit. He knew his sarcastic comments had truth in them.
Sarah initially regrets inviting them over to her turf in New York instead of her flying down to them. Back in their hometown, it was such a comfort going to the movie every afternoon with her family during Thanksgiving week. They needn’t need to talk to each other, as they concentrated on the movies instead. However, she realized that the presence of adorable Owen was a godsend, as all their attention revolved around him – watching his every antic, from his drool to his feeble attempts to move around on his own. His sweet smile and endearing personality draw them like a magnet. Owen is a movie all his own.
The sightseeing around New York also saved Sarah from engaging in deep talk with her parents. Particularly touching was their trip to Ellis Island where immigrants first touched base with America. In Sarah’s memory, her ancestors from Sweden came to mind.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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