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This paper under the headline "'The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh" focuses on the psychological fiction and on the fact that Sundarbans is a small island found in the furthest end of eastern India. The residents of this area are in danger of rough ocean tides and assaults by tigers. …
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The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh
Piya; Learns to appreciate other peoples’ ability such as Fakir’s fauna instinct. Piya abhors Kanai’s disdainfulness making her become fond of Fokir. She attributes the rough and dangerous natural occurrences to God and concludes that people should not have settled in this area. She is convinced that the struggle of nature and man in this region will never cease.
Kanai; Discovers information in his uncle’s diary that changes his knowledge about the history of Sundarbans settlers. Believes that man can take control of the land and defeat animals His encounter with the tiger at the mud bank makes him realize how nature can be so cruel and life-threatening.
Fokir: hates foreigners especially Kanai, however, he is of much help to Piya. He appreciates his origin and is proud of himself although he is illiterate.
Nirmal: wonders if nature or man is the true owner of the land. He never heals from the fact that his supporters were killed.
Nilima: becomes obsessed with doing community work at her hospital.
Moyna: is surprised by the revelation of the political uprising recorded in Nirmal diary and is hungry for more education.
Horen: strongly believes in the tale of the 17th century that talks about Jesuit traveller. He believes that the Portuguese are hit by the storm because they have violated the Bon Bibi norms. He is more effective by the myth more than anybody else.
Part 2
“There is no prettiness here to invite the stranger in.” (Ghosh 2005 page 192). kunai while reading came across this piece of writing in Nirmal’s diary. This statement is important because it justifies the dangers found in Sundarbans. Only the natives know them and strangers are likely to succumb to them. For example the existence of tigers and strong tides from the ocean. This also means that Sundarbans is not friendly for foreigners not because of the natives but the harsh environment.
Work cited
Ghosh, Amitav. The Hungry Tide. N.P., 2005. Open World Cat. Web. 9 May 2015.  Read more
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