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The movie shows the world the cruelty of slave trading that was practiced in the past. It is a heart touching story of African slaves and how they were not treated as human…
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Amistad Amistad Director Steven Spielberg has done a great job in his movie Amistad that was released in the year 1997. The movie shows the world the cruelty of slave trading that was practiced in the past. It is a heart touching story of African slaves and how they were not treated as human beings. The movie shows the story of Cinque and his other fellow slaves who are being transported on a ship to Cuba to be sold. The slaves overpower their captors but they are misguided which eventually leads to them being captured in America where they face trial.
Spielberg has shed light upon the cruelties of slavery and has shown how the slaves did not have any rights. Their family and children were not considered to be significant and they were not provided with an option. They had to lead their lives as servants working in difficult conditions. It is a movie which reflects human emotions of pain and the harm brought to individuals through discrimination. It reflects upon the brutal chapter of history of slavery where slave trade was allowed and practiced.
Amistad is a movie which teaches the significance of freedom. It starts with a dark picture explaining the ruthless side of human life where slaves are treated just like animals. But it ends on a good note when Cinque and his fellows are freed. The movie thus tries to show that struggle and hope can assist individuals in overcoming the obstacles in their life. Read More
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