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The author of the paper "Sweatshop Oppression by Rajeev Ravisankar" states that the article under analysis addresses the problem of the usage of cheap labor in terrible working conditions by well-known companies. To persuade readers the author skillfully applies rhetorical devices. …
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Sweatshop Oppression by Rajeev Ravisankar
Rhetorical Analysis The article under analysis is d “Sweatshop Oppression” and was written by Rajeev Ravisankar. It addresses the problem of the usage of cheap labor in terrible working conditions by the well-known companies. To persuade readers the author skillfully applies rhetorical devices. The appeal to ethos is seen through the “we” address that is used to identify the author with the audience and show that he is a part of the community he is talking to: “we are the poor students”. (Ravisankar) As a result, it is implied that the author knows what he is talking about, he is informed about possible problems people can have, shares their concerns and goals. Due to it, readers are expected to trust the author, perceive him as reliable and informed.
Moreover, appeal to pathos is mostly received by the choice of a language and the imagery used to describe the situation. Firstly, the author describes the situation in dark colors saying that workers are “forced to work making pennies per hour” and intimidated from expressing their will. (Ravisankar) Working extra hours and having no break is a norm for such people, including children. They work for pennies and their living conditions will continue to aggravate. Secondly, the choice of the emotionally –charged language, such as “oppression”, “abhorrent”, “extreme heat” helps to achieve the intended and cause empathy. (Ravisankar) Importantly, the topic itself touches upon such issues as poverty, unfair working conditions, and lack of justice that makes the rich become richer and the poor – poorer. Subsequently, readers are receptive to the message being sent as they sympathize with workers and feel sorry for them.
In addition, the appeal to logos is also evident. The author states the problem is details, explaining what is wrong with sweatshops, who benefits from them, and what is their essence as a whole: “they are taking part in a phenomenon which has been described as “the race to the bottom”. (Ravisankar) Apart from that, Ravisankar suggests the possible solution that calls for participation of all the students eager to change the situation. As a whole, the argument looks credible and reasonable.
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