Who Will Light the Incense When Mother's Gone: Nonfiction Story Analysis - Essay Example

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The author examines "Who Will Light the Incense When Mother's Gone", a very interesting nonfiction short story that delves much on the life of an American immigrant family. The immigrants who happen to have come from Vietnam are experiencing culture shock upon arriving in America. …
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Who Will Light the Incense When Mothers Gone: Nonfiction Story Analysis
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Who Will Light the Incense When Mothers Gone: Nonfiction Story Analysis Who Will Light the Incense When Mothers Gone is a very interesting nonfictionshort story that delves much on the life of an American immigrant family. The immigrants who happen to have come from Vietnam are experiencing culture shock upon arriving in America. As such, they struggle to adopt the American culture while at the same time tries to maintain their Vietnamese traditions. The author states that Lams mother is afraid that he has become an American, "cowboy" (Brock 107). According to Lam, a cowboy in Vietnam implies being rebellious. Accordingly, nonconformity/rebellion is a major theme that features prominently in this nonfiction narrative.
Personally, I have had several incidences, where I have not conformed to my culture as tradition demands. I am among the immigrants who have adopted the American culture after immigrating into the country several years ago. As such, the language, which I speak most, has been the English languages because it enables me relate and socialize with my fellow Americans. However, I clearly remember a time my parents asked me to speak my native language. However, I became rebellious and refused to do as they wanted. They tried to persuade me, but I insisted on not speaking my native language. Instead, I asked then of what good would it be for me to speak my native language, which only my family appears to understand. Accordingly, just like the nonconformity presented in the short story, I also failed to conform to my traditions after adopting the Americans culture.
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