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Writing Narrative Nonfiction - Essay Example

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The paper “Writing Narrative Nonfiction” will look at narrative writing, a channel through which an individual can retell a story, describe a personal experience or narrate a tale. The narrative style of writing gives an individual the freedom to write in his own style…
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Writing Narrative Nonfiction
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Extract of sample "Writing Narrative Nonfiction"

Writing Narrative Nonfiction
Narrative writing is a channel through which an individual can retell a story, describe a personal experience or narrate a tale (Hart, 2011). Narrative style of writing gives an individual the freedom to write in his own style, which he feels best suited at since it has minimal restrictions, this gives the author the opportunity to describe events and how they transformed his life without being concerned with violation of writing rules (Orwell & Packer, 2008).
Pluma is the name that I have given to my pet dog since she has transformed my life completely. Several events have happened in my life, which without Pluma would have turned into disaster.
One of the incidents happened when one day, I arrived home from school hungry, I went to the kitchen and placed food on the gas cooker to warm then I went to my room to change. After sometime, I heard Pluma baking at the door of my room strangely, I went to check why she was backing and on opening the door, I was met with dark clouds of smoke coming from the kitchen. When I went to the kitchen, I found the whole room engulfed in flames of fire. By the time I managed to get a fire extinguisher, Pluma had gone outside and alerted the neighbours who came and helped me to extinguish the fire.
Barely a week had passed after the fire incident when Pluma came to my rescue again. I had taken her for a walk in the neighbourhood one evening when suddenly she jumped on me and I fell on one side of the road, a few seconds later a car passed through the spot I had been standing. Later, I came to realise that Pluma had seen the vehicle coming towards our direction and since she did not have enough time to alert me, she jumped on me so that I was not hit by the vehicle.
Hart, J. (2011). Storycraft: The complete guide to writing narrative nonfiction. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
Orwell, G., & Packer, G. (2008). Facing unpleasant facts: Narrative essays. Orlando: Harcourt. Read More
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Writing Narrative Nonfiction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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