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Linda and Her Life - Book Report/Review Example

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In the essay “Linda and Her Life,” the author analyzes a short story about a girl, who was sitting all alone on a chair in a restaurant. She was looking at the window occasionally. That window was opening towards the road where the light traffic was running on the road…
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Linda and Her Life
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Extract of sample "Linda and Her Life"

Download file to see previous pages When Linda tells the whole story of her breakup to her friend, her friend says, “oh! It was not expected at all from both of you. You guys were so good with each other. You should have given him one more chance it might have worked out. But, I think if you are ok with it then enjoy as you are having fun here.” Linda had no answer, she suddenly started feeling regretful, and then her friend moves to another table. She was there to forget about everything related to him and wanted to live a normal life with no regrets. But her friend just criticized her and it was very painful for Linda.
Meanwhile, her ordered food arrives at her table, and she started eating that food. Then, one more friend saw her and come to her table asks her why she has her food alone? Why her boyfriend is not here today? Why was she not coming here for many days? Linda again tells her breakup story and reasons to leave him, and she mentioned that she was depressed too. In response, her friend says, “It seems you are happy after the breakup, I hardly caught you this much dressed and accessorized you are looking pretty than before. It seems you are celebrating your breakup now and with this speed soon you will be with another guy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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