Is the solution to having it allfor parents just to have one child - Essay Example

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However, this dogma is not acceptable and applicable in all societies of the world. Yet, in most developed countries professional aspirations achievement/working requires more time and…
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Is the solution to having it allfor parents just to have one child
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Extract of sample "Is the solution to having it allfor parents just to have one child"

Number] Is the solution to "having it all" for parents just to have one child? Family and professional life requires rational planning, time, management and organisation. However, this dogma is not acceptable and applicable in all societies of the world. Yet, in most developed countries professional aspirations achievement/working requires more time and effort that leaves little time for personal/social life style choices. Extending family (having more than one child) also falls in this category according to Linda Hirshman. Hirshman advices working mothers to opt for one child only, so to stabilize/balance their professional and personal life and mean while provide best health and care to their only child. One child theory has been favoured by women due to its rationality and measurable outcomes.
According to her theory, problem of mismanagement starts occurring when women in significant positions (professionals) opt for more than one child and end up in losing their health, wealth, joy, sanity and financial stability due to distracted presence (at home and work). A decade ago, when “Stay-at-home-mom” revolution surged then Linda Hirshman (feminist writer) advised these women to not quit their career completely for upbringing of their children, but instead adapt one child policy to balance both. However, the revolution persuaded them to an extent that they left their jobs for family life.
After a decade, “Stay-at-home-mom” revolution is completely out of picture and women, who left professional life for family life, were interviewed to share their experiences of success or loss. These women who sacrificed their lives for child rearing, nearly after a decade face pressing issues like divorce, single parenting, sole management, financial instability and low professional scores on their resume due to job gap. Kali Goff the author of the article “Is Having Only One Child The Key To Gender Equality?” also supports Lind Hirshman stance on one child theory as it secures the position of a woman, when she is faced with issues like separation, divorce, single parenting or child custody.
Moreover, she suggests that with multiple children dependency of a woman increases on his spouse. And this dependence is negative development for woman, as they tend to comprise bad/abusive behaviour of their spouse for the sake of their children. Thus, financial stability of a woman is a significant matter in all times and to maintain this stability, women have to embrace a strategy, which enables them to be successful as a parent and professional as well. Juggling with high profile career and family life is not a pragmatic idea for average women of USA. They have to chose and decide wisely as the choice to have more than one child falls under their domain directly, but ultimately the responsibility as well. “Having it all” means a successful career and well raised children, which is not a rational idea for all the women in US, as these working mothers can only cope with one child at a time with their professional demands.
Nevertheless, all the individuals have distinctive qualities and shortcomings, which make them apt or inapt for certain social and professional positions. Yet, woman around the globe embrace motherhood with full responsibility and willingness. As they have the privilege to reproduce offspring and this quality makes them unique yet, complete. Number of children can reduce financial strain, but they cannot ensure contended life and quality upbringing of the only child, as children learn more from their siblings then from their own parents.
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Goff, Keli. Is Having Only One Child The Key To Gender Equality?. The Huffington Post. N.p., 2014. Web. 24 Nov. 2014. Read More
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