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The Tragedy of the Revenge- Oriented Prince Of Denmark - Essay Example

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The author states that Hamlet's tragic character foreshadowed his tragic fate. Under this kind of personality, his ideas of struggling for revenge are seen to torment him. Revenge became his sole purpose in life henceforth. This causes disagreement in opinions between him his cowardly mother.   …
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The Tragedy of the Revenge- Oriented Prince Of Denmark
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Extract of sample "The Tragedy of the Revenge- Oriented Prince Of Denmark"

Download file to see previous pages The Tragedy of Hamlet, a Prince of Denmark is a play written by the famous William Shakespeare. The play is set in the Kingdom of Denmark. It is mainly talking about Hamlet’s life. More precisely after the alleged murder of his father. Hamlet assumes several characteristics as he trudges along the rugged path of vengeance. Thanks to his cunning and clever tactics, he finally achieves his long term desired goals. Hamlet is undoubtedly a smart man. Firstly, he feigns madness after the ghost tells him that the killer is none other than Claudius. From “as I perchance hereafter shall think to meet/ to put a disposition on” (Act 1 Scene 5, Act 2 Scene 1). When Ophelia tells his father Polonius that there are some strange characteristics seen in Hamlet, we can see that Hamlet is not willing to let people know what is actually going on. In addition, when there is a group of people coming to perform in the palace, Hamlet comes up with a bright idea on how best to illustrate and expose his father’s murder and the responsible party. He directs a play that shows how the king died to see the king’s brother rise to kingship. This play is able to perfectly prove that Claudius is indeed the King’s murderer. “There is a play tonight before the king: which I told thee of my father’s death” (Act 3 Scene 2). From that, we can see that Hamlet really wants to know who the murderer of his father really is. Thirdly, when Polonius is talking to Hamlet, and use the word to baffle frustrate. “My lord, the queen would speak with you, and presently/ do you see yonder clouds that’s almost in shape of a camel” (Act 3 Scene 3). However, even though he tries to approach the issue with utmost moderation, "Hamlet" somehow fails and shows rash and impulsive behavior instead. It is amazing agility but little or no premeditation when he stabs Polonius through the curtain, he does not even take time to check to see who really is behind the curtain. He seems to step easily into the role of a madman, which is not his normal behavior, to disturb other characters with his wild speech and pointed innuendo.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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