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The dance is a universal language shared by all countries. The dance took various forms after to development of civilization and shaped into many schools. Danke is Arabic, and it started in the mountain regions above the Tigris River and…
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Download file to see previous pages The most common place where Danke dance is performed is at Lebanon. The formation of the dance in the Lebanon was, as a result of, changes of seasons that usually happened.
In places where the Dabke dance was performed, the roofs were made of tree branches, topped with mud and flattened. Due to weather changes the roof would crack and needed to be rebuilt again. Particularly, Lebanese would fix the roof while holding their hands, make a line and begin stomping their feet while making a walk on the roof in order to adjust the mud. Roofing of a house was communal involving societal group. Danke would therefore lead to togetherness among Lebanese and their families (Kohēn & Katz, 2006). Family was thought to be a whole village with Dabke ancestral tradition, and that is why Arabic’s and Lebanese families have the same historical heritage. The years passed and the families came up with new ways of building their houses. The Dabke was left a description of the tradition on how their culture was built. Daloonah was the term that improvised the singing while dancing the Dabke.
Today, the Dabke is still danced in Lebanese culture and is the one of the most famous tradition of all other Lebanese traditions. The Dabke is passed generation to generation and is almost performed in every Lebanese domestic. The Dabke dance has passed all through the history still being more joyous and livelier and is usually danced or performed at special occasions, weddings and family gatherings (Kohēn & Katz, 2006). However, in the beginning the Dabke dance was static and slow. The Dabke began to change after the First World War due to the immigrants who came in Lebanon changing the dance into many ways from generation to generation.
Nowadays, the Dabke a dance where every participator stands in a line holding each other’s hand while facing the outwards or the audience. The dance starts with artist playing a solo and then the dancers begin to move ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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DEBKE DANCE PAPER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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