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The paper tells that the things the soldiers carried depended on a mission, specialty, necessity, and grants. They helped the soldiers to adequately fight their enemies. For example, the things carried during mission such as the highly penetrative explosives helped the soldiers to blow the tunnels…
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The Things the Soldiers Carried

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Download file to see previous pages The paper will seek to analyze these things that the soldiers carried. Most of the items the soldiers carried depended on Specialty, mission, grunts, and necessity in the battlefield. According to specialty, the soldiers carried different items depending on their areas of specialization. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross being the leader carried various items such as binoculars, maps, and pistols. Additionally, he also carried code books and strobe light because it was his responsibility to ensure his men were safe during the war (Bloom 85-89). Similarly, Rat Kiley who was a medic specialist carried malaria tablets, surgical tapes, and morphine that were placed inside canvas satchels. All that was required by medic was carried including M & M’s that were used for treating bad wounds. Mitchell Sanders being a radio officer carried a PRC-radio, 26 pounds battery, and a killer. Henry a foot soldier carried ammunition wrapped in belts and an M-60 machine gun. On the other hand, almost every person on the battlefield carried photographs. For example, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross had two photographs a woman called Martha (Colella 24). The first photograph was a snapshot while the other one was clipped from the yearbook of Mount Sebastian. According to necessity, the soldiers carried Military Payment Certificates, pocket knives, cans of water, dog tags, heat tabs, salt tablets, P-38 can openers, sewing kits, and rations. These items were averaged between 15-20 pounds in accordance to an individual’s metabolic rate. These items were necessary for the war. For example, they had to take water when thirsty. Jensen who had knowledge in the field of hygiene carried dental floss, soap, and a toothbrush. Ted lavender carried tranquilizers because he was always scared. Kiowa who was staunch Baptist always carried an illustrated New Testament that his father gave. As a necessity, all soldiers carried steel helmets including a camouflage cover and a liner. They also carried fatigue trousers and jackets to relieve them from fatigue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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