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Critically response to articles and a book - Essay Example

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The book is a story of pride, glory, and a tale of a soldier who reflects on his time in the Vietnamese war. The title story explains what the soldiers must carry with them,…
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Critically response to articles and a book
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Download file to see previous pages Readers interpret texts depending on how they understand them. When readers read the book The Things They Carried, they will not fail to sympathize with what soldiers go through while at war. The paper looks at how a reader may respond to the book concerning the circumstances surrounding the soldiers when they are at war.
When readers read the text, they will no doubt understand the role of soldiers in ensuring that their country is safe from external attacks. Andrew Krepinevich Jr, the author of The Army, and Vietnam argues that soldiers must be ready to face various challenges when they go to war (13). The writer argues that the US army had to accomplish its mission in Vietnam before leaving that country. In order for soldiers to have victory in the war, they are fighting, it is important for them to be prepared both psychologically and physically. Wars are won first in the mind, then physically. Fatalities on the side of the American army would have been reduced if America would have taken time and studied Vietnam before launching attacks.
Love is the most powerful weapon soldiers can take to war. Soldiers must first love their country and family in order to have the morale to fight in the war. The author of the text does a commendable job to highlight the story of love in the book. In the book, Cross carries letters from a student named Martha because he is in love with her. Cross remembers taking her out on a date and wishes he had taken to her room (Brien Cranston). Love is a powerful tool for an individual can decide to do anything just because of love. What the American army needs to do always is to cultivate the love of its members to their country and families. Every soldier would want to be a hero back at home. The book ought to have identified more cases of love in the book since it is the main issue that surrounded the soldiers who went to Vietnam.
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