Third Wave Feminism - Essay Example

“À Chacun suffit sa peine”, growing up, this is the line I would hear from my mother every single time I would seem discouraged by life’s adversities. It means everyone has to deal with their own personal struggles I became conscious that my subsistence on this earth…
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Third Wave Feminism
Download file to see previous pages Born and raised in Haiti, where nearly 59% of the women population (13 years and older) is illiterate, my journey to individualism was one on the most challenging. The school system plays a significant role on emphasizing gender roles. Cooking and sewing classes are integral parts of the academic evaluation of young girls. It seems not a long time, I was in the auditorium at school listening to a formal speech about women’s domestic responsibilities. It is within the norms of our society for a young girl to get married right after high school. Contrary to these beliefs I decided to follow my own path. I needed both a family and also a career. It was surprising to our neighbors to see my mother (a stay at home mother who gave birth to 8 children) supporting my decision to wander outside of the norm of our culture. I was shamed for not being married at my age and for pursuing a path that was not considered congruent to femininity.
My father, additionally, was not as supportive as my mother was. He always had to show some of his disappointment. I was chastised on a daily basis. However, I stood strong in my dedication because not only was my decision based on personal growth and fulfillment; I was set out to create a path for my younger sisters.
Moving to the United States facilitated my individualization process and gave me access to many opportunities not otherwise available to me if I were to stay in my birth country. I created a set of personal goals and prioritized working towards the completion of my college education. As per Astrid Henry "in Solidarity Sisterhood: Individualism Meets Collectivity in Feminism Third Wave", “Where the third wave has often appeared stuck, however, is in moving beyond self-expression to developing a larger analysis of the relationship between individual and collective experience, ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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