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This story of Crane is very rich in terms of themes and images. It is a story in which the hotel owner, Scully, persuades three people to stay in his hotel in Nebraska…
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Stephen Crane
Download file to see previous pages The theme of the upper hand of nature over man through the swirling snow and cold air becomes vivid, as wind’s impact on playing cards indicates how nature controls and overpowers everything, including cards:
“One viewed the existence of man then as a marvel, and conceded a glamour of wonder to these lice which were caused to cling to a whirling, fire-smitten, ice-locked, disease-stricken, space-lost bulb" (Canada 188).
Man is controlled by situations: Although characters are deficient in individual power; nevertheless, their functions create a total effect, as the Easterner tells the cowboy that the Swedes death was the outcome of all five card players functions: “Every sin is the result of a collaboration” (Canada 193).
The feeling of guilt by the Easterner for lettings things take a bad turn proves that one can choose the right path irrespective of the mood of the nature; otherwise the Easterner would not have felt guilty for the death of Swede (Canada 193).
One can put limits on self, as the Easterners guilt over allowing events to proceed suggests that one is not purely a victim of forces. If all truly were predetermined, why then would the Easterner feel responsible for the Swedes death (Canada 193)?
The outer and inner exterior of the hotel presents the true character of man, which in the case of Swede is that he projects a different outward picture although he is not what he projects. The exterior paint of the hotel is quite attractive, garish blue, but like human beings, its inner walls are just like any ordinary building. The characterization of Swede represents this double character, presenting a theme that what we see is not what it is! No one can imagine that the professional looking gambler would commit a murder all of a sudden (Sharks Short Story Review 1).
Crane develops his story on earlier images through action, place, and weather in such a way ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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