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Mandarin Oriental History Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is a medal endearing operator as well as an owner of renowned lavish hotels. The lodge headquarters is in Hong Kong and has numerous branches around the world. According to Travel and Tourism Industry News, the initial name for the hotel was Oriental…
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Mandarin Oriental
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Download file to see previous pages The company begun when it is opened its flagship property in Hong Kong in 1963. The property was known as The Mandarin and developed into a luxurious and reputable hotel. The Mandarin International hotels were formed in 1974. The group intended to spread to the entire Asia (Kotler & Bowen 2006). The strategy was to maintain or expand the standards that had been set by the pioneer branch at Hong Kong (Smith 2010). The company expanded further and acquired property in Bangkok. The Oriental property, which was already a legendary property, was acquired from Bangkok. The management had to facilitate the merger of two strong brands to come up with Mandarin Oriental in the year 1985. From 1990, the company expanded globally and now operation in many countries (Kotler & Bowen 2006). When MOHG was launched the company publicly in Hong Kong stock exchange, there was a need for the company come up with a symbol that represented the image of the company’s elegance (Smith 2010). The elegance of the symbol would become crucial in representing the image and the charm of the group (Hiebing &Cooper 2004). The company came up with a logo through a recognized design house called Pentagram (Thompson & Martin 2005). The logo took the design of a fan. It is one of the most recognized logos in the world when it comes to the tourism industry (Thompson & Martin 2005). The company encourages all the Mandarin Oriental hotels to come up with their own unique fans to reflect their own individuality (Dobson & Starkey 1993). Each hotel is adjusted to the environment it is located and represents the goals of the company in the local environment. The company places value in originality and is keen to ensure that each branch established a connection with its local market (Smith 2010). Mission and vision The company has a vision of attaining acknowledgement as the world’s most excellent lodge grouping. It has an intention of satisfying and delight their customers (Kotler & Bowen 2006). According to Ettdgui, the company aims at escalating the operational accommodation to 10,001. The company is committed to making difference continually (Kotler & Bowen 2006). The company aims at improving to maintain its market share and revenues. According to Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (2009), the company is committed to making a difference through employee development programs. The mission demonstrates the uniqueness of the company in terms of its approach to the target market and to remain competitive. Objectives and the Future of MOHGs The company is targeting to understand the guest’s needs by paying attention to their requests and responding with accuracy and precision (Smith 2010). MOHG hopes to be able to deliver products and services that meet the customer expectations (Thompson & Martin 2005). The company is emphasizing on accountability and sharing of responsibility in order to achieve its goals in an atmosphere of teamwork (Dobson & Starkey 1993). The future of the company as indicated its goals is to remain a market leader through training and career development (Hiebing &Cooper 2004). The company has an interest in surpassing the customer expectation through creating an experience (Dobson & Starkey 1993). The company has singled out creativity and innovation as prerequisites to remaining at the helm of the hotel and tourism industry in the world (Thompson & Marti ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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