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In the essay “Marked Women” the author discusses the work of Deborah Tannen who describes women as marked because of the social attitudes that are held towards them, predominantly by men, but also by other women. Most unmarked forms of English words automatically take on the male gender form…
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Marked Women
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I feel that Tannen is exploring uncovered territory as far as gender imbalances are concerned. What Tannen really does well uses her experience of observing both men and women at a small working conference. This is the best place in which to find unconscious gender stereotypes because of the formal setting. Women can also be marked in everyday life, but it is more pronounced in a male-dominated business world. Because women feel that they have to conform to a certain type of image, this only shows that they themselves feel as though they are marked.
I found it really interesting about the mention of Ralph Fascold’s book and his thoughts on the topic. To be marked literally means to be different and have a defining feature that sets someone apart. From a biological point of view, it makes sense for males to be considered marked because they have a Y chromosome, something which women do not possess. Women will only be considered “unmarked” if society changes its attitude towards women, although this will probably take many years. Read More
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