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The paper "Response to Theodore’s Poem" discusses that in Theodore’s poem, there is significant employment of rhyme. This illustrates in the two lines that end with easy and dizzy (Rosengarten 522). Despite the presence of the s and z in the two words, they nevertheless possess a similar sound…
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Response to Theodores Poem
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I confirm Hector’s position. The son seems to be sharing an abusive relationship with the family. For instance, there seems to be a demonstration of the father arriving late in the house. Hence, the son bears a nasty attitude towards the father. Lines that express the effect of dizziness by the father’s whisky illustrate this (Rosengarten 522). In this state, the son realizes that he is a young boy who ought not to be exposed to the same. In this sense, he expresses himself as a young boy.
The second students’ explanations are agreeable. However, there seems to be a call by the son for the father to improve on the family relationship. The aspect of cold, which he talks about, suggests that the father could do more to enhance the family relationship. The word, cold, faces a repetition with a single act of the father’s virtues. The son notes about chronic anger of the house. This suggests that there is a continuous cold interaction and anxiety by house members.
In the use of the word, like a waltz, the first poem expresses a state of mixed feelings (Rosengarten 522). This helps in learning of poetry. In addition, there is a significant expression of feelings in poetry. This means that a poem should evoke feelings in order to achieve its effect. The poem achieves the same by exemplifying relationships and attitudes. The first son possesses mixed feelings towards his father while his second son expresses an appreciative attitude towards his father. Read More
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(Response to Theodores Poem Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Response to Theodores Poem Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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