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ORDET by Joanne Smith Course Tutor Institution Date Ordet is a film that was directed by Carl Dreyer in 1955 based on a play by a Danish Lutheran Priest. The film features Borgen family in a rural place in Denmark. The scene where Johannes comes back to bring Inger back to life from death is catchy and touchy especially because of the emotions that it elicits and the way it makes the people who are at the room behave…
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Textual Analysis
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"Textual Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages Morten did not listen and Inger dies. Johannes comes back to bring back Inger to life. Johannes explains that Inger can be brought back to life but this depends on faith and prayer to God. He says that this can only happen if the family has faith and if they ask God to bring back Inger to life. He is saddened by the fact that all of them have little faith and do not believe that this can be done. Out of all the people, it is Inger’s daughter alone that expresses her faith and she does this by taking Johannes hand and tells him to raise her mother from the dead (Wahl, 2012, p. 32). The young girl’s faith puts the adults at an awkward position because one would expect adults to know God better than a little girl and understand how faith works. From this, we expect that adults should be the ones to express faith even if it is a little faith. However, no one among them even bothers to do that. This represents the difference between adults and children. This scene shows that knowing has a different link with faith and that matters of the heart and mind may sometimes be different. From the adults’ point of view, knowing too much could affect one’s ability or trust in faith. On the other hand, from the child’s perspective, knowing a little information coupled with hope and trust can help one to believe or at least have trust in faith. The little girl only had hope and wish that her mother would come back to life and her little knowledge about God made her believe that He could bring her back through Jesus Christ. This made her have trust in Johannes prayer to God through Jesus Christ that Inger’s life be brought back (Milne, 1971, p. 156). The ordet is not a film with a long plot. However, it is a turbulent and intense poem that has several motifs, which are harmonized by the resurrection of Inger. The scene has many pauses in between the words spoken. In addition, the speakers in the scene who are mainly Morten, Johannes and the young girl speak in few words. The pauses in the dialogue are full of movement and reactions. The characters in the scene hear each other in a manner that they never do in normal films that are always marked by lots of conversations words and arguments. Here, one character talks followed by a pause then either he or she continues or another character picks up but the pauses are present. The pauses mark the movements that occur in the scene. This pauses help to create the mood in the scene, which is a somber mood marked by tone of optimism and pessimism. This mood can only be achieved when the scene is slow and is marked by little and slow movements that are well captured by Carl Dreyer, the director of film. In the scene, there is a distinctive resonance of the voices of the characters in the room helps to reinforce the impression of the physical presence of the voices (Schrader, n.d.). The characters that are in the scene are haunted by the fact that they do not acknowledge something that cannot necessarily be reduced to God. The importance of this fact is realized in the slowness of the movements of the characters and the slow movement of the camera as it captures the movement in the scene (Wakeman, 1988, p. 271). The scene where Johannes comes back to bring back Inger to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Textual Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1.
“Textual Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1”, n.d.
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