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The Lovely Bones by Sebold Alice - Essay Example

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This paper ' The Lovely Bones by Sebold Alice" focuses on the fact that Abigail has not been a real mother. Although she has a close connection with Susie, as she knows about things related to Susie during the investigation; yet, she is able to let go of the grief easily…
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The Lovely Bones by Sebold Alice
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Extract of sample "The Lovely Bones by Sebold Alice"

Abigail has no concern with her children any more. However, she returns when she is able to do her catharsis. But, her image has been of a selfish mother and an unfaithful wife, who has her own lifestyle choices.
Category 2- “Sympathy for the Devil”
Susie comes to know about Mr Harvey’s horrible childhood which had turned him into a horrible monster. For example, (1) he had seen three men attempting to rape his mother when he was seven years old, which was followed by his mother running them over with the family car. (2) His mother had been his accomplice because both of them dreaded his father.
(3) He lived in sheer poverty, committing thefts and robberies. (4) He had seen his father expelling his mother from his house, which turned him violent. (5) He is also shown letting out his frustration and sadistic impulses on animals after initial murders, which shows his remorse. All these instances make us accept a sympathetic case for Mr Harvey.
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(The Lovely Bones by Sebold Alice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 273 words - 33, n.d.)
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(The Lovely Bones by Sebold Alice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 273 Words - 33)
The Lovely Bones by Sebold Alice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 273 Words - 33.
“The Lovely Bones by Sebold Alice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 273 Words - 33”, n.d.
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