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The author of this paper analyzes the impacts of World War I on immigrant soldiers according to the book "The Long Way Home" by David Laskin. According to the author’s view, the involvement of immigrant soldiers in World War I was an Americanization program.   …
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Long Way Home by David Laskin
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During this war, people from all nations who wished to become American citizens had an easy channel through the battlefield. The immigrant soldiers included Africans, Jews, Russians, and Poles. Immigration to Americans was inevitable and therefore the world war was critical in enhancing Americanization.
David Laskin tells a thrilling story of eleven young men who migrated to America from Europe. The immigrants worked in farms, factories, and mines before joining the military as volunteers (Laskin 24). Initially, the eleven young immigrants worked in America as European immigrants. If the immigrants did not get involved in World War I, they could have returned to America after acquiring sufficient wealth. Their experiences in World War I from the training camps to their service on the battlefield transformed their views about America. In particular, the war changed their views towards their migration status by enhancing their loyalty. Finally, the war served as a lesson to the immigrant concerning the American dream and American philosophies. The war demonstrated to the immigrants, that America was built through hard work, unity, and struggles.    Read More
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