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Reflection paper on Echos from the Roman Ghettos by David Laskin - Essay Example

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The article describes the experience of the author’s visit to Rome where the steps of the Second World War are retraced. The Nazis invasion of portico d”Ottavia which was a…
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Reflection paper on Echos from the Roman Ghettos by David Laskin
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Extract of sample "Reflection paper on Echos from the Roman Ghettos by David Laskin"

Echoes from the Roman Ghetto Echoes from the Roman Ghetto Introduction This is a reflection paper of the article by David Laskin entitled “Echoes from the Roman Ghetto”. The article describes the experience of the author’s visit to Rome where the steps of the Second World War are retraced. The Nazis invasion of portico d”Ottavia which was a Jewish ghetto is also retraced (David, 2012). The author of the article, however, was astonished to find how the history of the ghetto has lost its sense. The aspect, therefore, raised questions of the obligation of the local leaders in the preservation of the historical significance. Questions over the justification of the businesses taking advantage of tourism in the area irrespective of the history of the site also tend to feature from the article.
The author of the article indicated that the renovation of the town has led to the loss of history’s sense. This is very possible because the gentrification will tend to cover some important historical sites (David, 2012). And the visitors who will visit the area will have no evidence to convince them that where a particular building is built a certain historical event took place. If the area can be set apart and reserved, this will act as an excellent historical site. The renovation and the loss of historical relevance of the ghetto have happened simply because the officials have slept in their jobs of preserving the historical significance of these sites.
The officials have a responsibility of preserving all the historical relevant sites from being encroached by the public. Such sites are very essential in that people can reflect on what happened those years and learn from them to avoid the repetition of such an act in the future. The preservation of the significance of these sites can be done through setting apart these areas irrespective of the economic advantage they owe. Construction of an archive to store documents and pictures of the events that took place in the real-time is another responsibility of the officials so as to enhance the site retains the significance it deserves. The officials have a responsibility of strategizing how these sites will be protected.
There is no harm in businesses taking advantage of the tourism in any given area. Besides retaining the historical relevance, historical sites are retained for the economic advantage of the citizens of the responsible nation as well as the nation itself (David, 2012). As a business person, one has to be as opportunistic as possible so as to make it in the business world. There is nothing wrong, therefore, of the business people taking advantage of the tourism irrespective of the history behind the scene. However the business should not affect the historical relevance of the scenes retained.
History is a very essential thing in the life of human beings. It is through history that human beings manage to appreciate the far they have come and thus adopts a healthy living. Making sure that these sites remain historically relevant is the responsibility of the government officials. They have to make sure that citizens respect these historical sites since they are their heritage. Business people taking advantage of tourism in a given area irrespective of history attributed to that site has no harm as long as the business does not affect the historical relevance of the scene.
David L. (2012). Echoes From the Roman Ghetto. The New York Times Read More
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Reflection Paper on Echos from the Roman Ghettos by David Laskin Essay.
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