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(14) Lines 11-15 of He is More than a Hero read: “a thin flame runs under / my skin; seeing nothing, / hearing only my own ears / drumming, I drip with sweat; / trembling shakes my body.” To what sense do these lines of imagery least appeal?
(16) When Virgil wrote, “They…
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World literature Part 1

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story of Aeneas, the Iliad, being attributed to the authorship of Homer, is also an epic poem that alludes the ten-year siege of Troy. Both poems in dactylic hexameter are thematic presentation of distinct causes related to Trojan War.
In Aeneid, Aeneas the son of Anchises and Venus is said to wander between Troy and Italy where he eventually formed ancestry for the Romans. The poem highlights the triumph of the Trojans over the Latins in war whereas Iliad depicts siege and battles arising from the tumultuous conflict between Achilles and Agamemnon. Basically, the Trojan War in Iliad is brought by the interstate coalition as opposed to the events in Aeneid which are Greco-Roman by nature.
Aeneid may be claimed to have its major theme centered about the role of destiny for Aeneas can be felt determined in governing his path to the full measure. Though he experiences being strayed from his fate especially by Juno, Aeneas remains steadfast with his goal of establishing a city he strongly believes would be made into a great empire in Rome one day. On the other hand, pride is a theme that can be chiefly identified with the Iliad. Here, a Homeric character promoted as hero, such as in the case of Achilles, is perceived to have been driven by pride as he faces the enemy with the same or even greater degree of rage in accomplishing glorious pursuits.
Despite distinct characteristics in each theme, both converge at the evident sense of determination and willingness to confront the ordeals set before each heroic figure. Even though Achilles meets with tragedy as prophesied in Iliad, there seems no instant when pride and free will would depart his side to make him weak. Like him, Aeneas maintains the unfailing courage and piety of a heroic figure who proceeds to follow his destiny with intervention by the gods, particularly by his mother Venus.
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