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The Crucible Tragic Hero - Essay Example

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This essay describes the incidents that contributed towards Proctor becoming a tragic hero. Proctor’s personality and the character was a complex blend of Puritanical pride, anger and a deep sense of self- loathing. It is his flaws that make him human and raise him to the level of a tragic hero…
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The Crucible Tragic Hero
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Download file to see previous pages  He is very unpredictable especially when he does not have control over a particular situation. For example, on one hand, he was a sympathetic and good-natured character who was friendly and helpful to those around him, but when things did not work out in his favor or when things went against him, he would resort to a display of anger through physical violence and by threatening and shouting. Another example of such violence and change of character is seen when he threatens to lay the whip on his wife, his ex-mistress and even on the servant girl. Towards the end of the play we see that his anger is caused by injustice in society and so this trait helps in ennobling him and endearing him to his audiences. Yet another example of Proctor’s crucial mistakes was that he had committed adultery with Abigail which led to his fatal downfall. He wouldn’t be a tragic hero if he did not have flaws. Proctor fully well understood his complex personality and was even able to identify the source of his downfall and this is what makes the play all the more a great success. If he had to be portrayed as a flawless hero, then the play would have been devoid of the tragic element. An example of this complexity is evident when he had the chance to save his life but yet he did not barter it at the cost of his pride and good name. He was so courageous in that he stood his ground and accepted death in defence of truth. Pride was John’s major flaw and it was this pride that led him to his downfall. We see the height of his pride in the following example when he had been accused of being a witch.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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