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A Critical Analysis of the Theme of Status in Chekhovs The Confession and Ninochka - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the theme of “Status” in Chekhov’s “The Confession” and “Ninochka”. The commonality that underlies both stories- is that both of them deal with the ironies and deceptions that are closely related to people’s status in the society. …
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A Critical Analysis of the Theme of Status in Chekhovs The Confession and Ninochka
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Extract of sample "A Critical Analysis of the Theme of Status in Chekhovs The Confession and Ninochka"

Download file to see previous pages Both of the stories show that status has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages -that both of the stories show in common- is that a man of status can get what they want. In the first story, Kuzmich could marry Kazusov’s elder daughter, whereas in “Ninochka” Vikhlyenev has been able to marry Ninochka though she does not love him. Both stories show that these marriages are ultimately deceptions. Kuzmich marries the same girl who once “accused [him] of being presumptuous and laughed in [his] face” (“The Confession”, 3). But this same girl changes her opinion about Kuzmich after he receives the promotion in his office, as the readers find her to praise in the following manner: “What happened to you? You have grown so handsome….let’s dance.” Kuzmich also perceives this deceptive stance –though, in the beginning, he cannot understand that it is all because of his raised status backed up by his promotion- as he says, “Even she changed. She did not love me.” In the story, “The Confession”, deceptions and corruptions usually surround ‘status’.
Indeed Chekhov indicates to the irony that status itself -in a bureaucratic society- is essentially pompous and it is based upon self-deception. Kuzmich receives a promotion as well as a slight additional salary. But being deceived by the people’s showy behavior he fails to cut his coat according to cloth. As a result, he steals money from his office and gets arrested. The real nature of these pompous and showy people has exposed once again when they leave him alone in the problem. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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