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Physical Suffering and Death in Frankenstein and Moby Dick - Essay Example

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The present essay under the title "Physical Suffering and Death in Frankenstein and Moby Dick" compares the idea of sufferings in two different literary works. It is stated that the themes of physical suffering and death are quite predominant themes of the two works, Frankenstein and Moby Dick…
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Physical Suffering and Death in Frankenstein and Moby Dick
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Extract of sample "Physical Suffering and Death in Frankenstein and Moby Dick"

Two protagonists Ahab and Victor become a reason for causing death and suffering to their beloveds and other people connected to them and later on, their acts cause their death as well.
Victor Frankenstein creates a human-like creature that is disgusting and hateful because of his appearance. This creature brings downfall to Victor and his family because of his ambition to revenge Victor for creating him in such a loathsome shape. He kills Victor’s brother William, his friend Henry and his beloved Elizabeth. Victor also dies in his chase for the creature.
Likewise, in Moby Dick, Captain Ahab is in pursuit of Moby Dick, the white whale, which has deprived Ahab of his left leg. Ahab wants to take revenge from Moby Dick. In his pursuit, all his crew members get killed to expect Ishmael because of his being on another boat. In the end, Captain Ahab also gets killed because of the Moby Dick.
Therefore, it is quite clear that the themes of death and physical suffering of both the novels are interconnected as they deal with the pursuit of the protagonists in which, they become a reason for the causation of death of the people related to them. The tragic ends of the novels are because of the pursuits of the protagonists. Read More
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(Physical Suffering and Death in Frankenstein and Moby Dick Essay)
Physical Suffering and Death in Frankenstein and Moby Dick Essay.
“Physical Suffering and Death in Frankenstein and Moby Dick Essay”, n.d.
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