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In the paper “Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue” the author analyzes a story of triumph over various odds and the determination of Amy and her mother to make their lives better, inspite of their difficulties. Language skills were an important aspect of the assimilation process…
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Amy Tans Mother Tongue
Download file to see previous pages Tan knew the power of language, being an accomplished writer, but at the same time she is aware of the fact that English may be a single language, but the various kinds of English spoken around the world are different, shaped by the local idiom and flavored by the metaphorical quality of the foreign speaker. Amy Tan grew up with different “Englishes”, where one kind was reserved for her intellectual pursuits and the other was “our language of intimacy” which the family spoke. It was this language spoken by her mother and family members which she reveled in personally, although, to an outsider the broken sentences and wrong grammar were confounding. Amy’s childhood was hard because of the untimely death of her father, and her brother, who too died when she was very young, yet she continued with her studies. The lack of language skills in the mother caused problems for the young girl in school, for she was pushed towards science subjects, even though, she was not much inclined to study them. In spite of her teachers’ attempts to steer her towards Math and Science, she continued to devote herself to linguistics and went on to do her Masters in the subject. Amy Tan experienced first hand the attitude of teachers towards non-native speakers of English, who tended to direct such students toward the Math and science stream, since the child would invariably score higher in these subjects compared to the ones dependent on language skills. Tan does not blame the teachers but suggests. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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