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The Samurai Banner of Furin Kazan and the Japanese Sense of Unity - Essay Example

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Furin Kazan means "Wind, Fire, Forest, Mountain," the symbols used on the war banners of the Takada clan (Amini 2002). This Yasushi Inoue's novel follows Yamamoto Kansuke from his days as an ambitious, but lowly ronin in 1543…
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The Samurai Banner of Furin Kazan and the Japanese Sense of Unity
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Extract of sample "The Samurai Banner of Furin Kazan and the Japanese Sense of Unity"

Download file to see previous pages The book deals with a chapter out of Japan’s own feudal history, when a number of different warlords were battling each other fiercely to control all of Japan (Yasushi: Riley 2006). Each of them reasoned out that by ruling Japan under one banner, they could have peace (Turnball 1989). This may explain the “banner” element in the title which points to a need to be unified under one roof. Warlord Takeda Shingen wanted to expand his territory and he employs the ambitious and mysterious Kansuke who becomes the brain behind the victories. The setting was feudal Japan, 1543 to 1562. Specifically, Kansuke as a samurai dreams of a country united, peaceful from sea to sea. He convinces Takeda, the lord of Kai domain, to kill the lord of neighboring Suwa and take his wife as a concubine. He then convinces the widow, Princess Yu, to accept this arrangement and to bear Takeda a son. Pledging them his life, he spends years using treachery, poetic sensibility, military and political strategy to expand Takeda's realm, advance the claim of Yu's son as the heir, and prepare for an ultimate battle with the forces of Echigo (Yasushi: Riley 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Samurai Banner of Furin Kazan and the Japanese Sense of Unity Essay.
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