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Ideological Criticism - Essay Example

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Criticism of literary and non literary work has been categorized into two prominent formats, formal criticism and ideological criticism. Criticism has helped maintain a minimum standard of works that passes through the ages while throwing a very pertinent socio-political scenario of that time. …
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Ideological Criticism
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Extract of sample "Ideological Criticism"

Ideological Criticism Criticism of literary and non literary work has been categorized into two prominent formats, formal criticism and ideological criticism. Criticism has helped maintain a minimum standard of works that passes through the ages while throwing a very pertinent socio-political scenario of that time. Ideological criticism is especially of relevance because it reflects the ideologies of the existing times.
Ideology has been defined by Eagleton as a relatively coherent but internally conflicting non-homogenous set of beliefs, representations and discourses inscribed in material practices and institutions,.. generated in part by the nature of economic production, which by constricting social reality in particular modes, contribute either to legitimizing,..subverting dominant forms of political powers. These set of common beliefs provide society with a semblance of strong social bondage thus facilitating living in comparative harmony and mutual trust. Eagleton, while propagating Marxist theory, was of the view that ideological literature is often used for projecting political ideologies and vested interests of individuals with the intention of influencing public at large and ideological criticism provides a means to reveal the true intentions and objectives behind the so called spontaneous flow of words.
Ideological criticism is therefore an important literary machination to inform and disseminate the hidden information. The need for such types of criticism arises because of the fact that the words and texts are cleverly used to put forward deliberate ideas and statements that would impact and influence the thoughts processes of others. Identifying traits and emotive responses of the target audience is one of the most important features of such works. The individual applies techniques and instruments that are designed to persuade others to his or her views in order to gain confidentiality and trust. The words and expressions used for thoughts, emotions and attitude play very important role in the foreplay staged for seduction of the public. A good critic tries to demystify the drama and bring forwards the true picture so the intended target can see the reality through the haze created by the proponent. So the primary goal of the ideological critic is to discover and make clear the dominant ideology or ideologies embedded in an artifact and the ideologies that are being muted in it (internet).
Another revealing feature of the text is that it is a well thought out strategy to deal with a particular situation. It is the powers of the words that make people believe in it and this is the purpose of the whole exercise! The gullible public is emotionally forced to reinvest their trust and social well being on someone who might not be the deserving person. The surreal aspect of the situation is enough to beguile the people, so much so that they willingly accept his rhetoric as his good intentions in the foreseeable future.
It is crucial to note that the need to discern and identify the keywords and phrases used and also the frequency of those words facilitates easy deconstruction of the motives. It is used by critics to establish ideological linkages that might have provoked the inception of the text. This is one of the governing principles of such criticism.
In the context of socio-political impact, it becomes all the more important for ideological criticisms to have strong and viable platform. The critics, throughout the world, have the special onus of interpreting the text with an unbiased outlook. In the larger interest of the public, the evaluation and devaluation of the text gives it a wider perspective thus informing them about the pros and cons of the situations that might have led to the text.
The faithful critic does not demystify texts, but reveals their unfathomable mysteries (internet). They are significant organs of society whose main objective is to keep the public informed of the various analogies that might be in force at the given time. One can therefore conclude that they are vital social instruments, necessary to provide impartial and unbiased representation of facts for the good of the public.
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