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The paper looks at Top Quality Management concepts and the appropriate Business Management Concepts in the industry. The Industry also has to conform to a form of ideology that has its critiques that have limitations that can inhibit an individual’s development that will be briefly looked at…
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Quality Management and Business Process Management
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Quality Management and Business Process Management
Ideological criticism refers to a mode of criticism that normally targets ideas that are within a specific work or speech so as to much better understand the key substance of the given work. The main underlying principle that lies behind ideological criticism are certain artifacts within visual symbolism and language that are referred to as ideographs.
Thesis Statement
The following paper will have a look at Top Quality Management concepts as well as the appropriate Business Management Concepts in the industry. The Industry also has to conform to a form of ideology that has its critiques that have limitations that can inhibit an individual’s development that will be briefly looked at
Top Quality Management
Scholars like Apel viewed the Characteristic core of the scientific philosophy as the main alternative of modern scientific theory. Habermas’ theory of communication is of the notion that communication patterns are analyzed as well as ideal speeches are of utmost significance. Characteristics like honesty and accuracy provide a way for reflective, rational as well as moral decision making. Top quality management also consists of efforts that are aimed at installing and making a permanent condition in which a given organization continuously aims at improving its ability to deliver products and services of high quality to its clients or customers. The techniques of TQM mostly draw upon previously developed techniques and tools of quality control (Morfaw, 2009).
Business process management
This refers to a holistic approach to management to align an organization’s commercial processes with the needs of the customers. It makes use of a systematic approach in an attempt to gradually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a business while at the same time striving to achieve flexibility, integration with technology as well as innovation. This can actually be referred to as a process optimization procedure. This form of management can positively affect the revenue generation as well as cost. As an approach of management, BPM sees processes as an organization’s strategic assets that must be managed understood as well as improved so as to deliver services and products that are value added (Weske, 2012).
Ideology Critics
This is the term that is associated with thinkers from the Frankfurt school of critical and social theory like Adorno, Fromm, Marcuse, Horkheimer as well as Habermas. The sole purpose of these is to help us to recognize how dominant ideologies are unjust and uncritically accepted by the majority. Dominant ideologies refer to sets of values, myths, beliefs, justifications as well as explanations that tend to appear to the vast majority to be morally desirable and self-evidently true. When people do ideology critique they try to penetrate the events of everyday reality in revealing the oppression and inequities that tend to lurk beneath (Rodowick, 2014).
Limits of Ideological Criticism
Critics of Ideology tend to ignore the authors’ powers as well as the readers. This allows them to move away from the structures of understanding and knowledge into which they are normally born. It is also widely accepted that literary knowledge is not actually knowledge itself in the historical, sociological or even philosophical sense of this word but simply more like experience. (Wiater, 2011)
Potential for an Individual
Different ideologies accord the citizenship or individuals with different potentials to grow in the society which will depend on the kind of ideology that the given society has adopted. An ideology that is conservative will tend to value the prevailing status quo that has been proven over time and does not offer the individual the chance to experience new ideals thus limiting his or her ideologies at the same time. On the other hand, a liberal ideology tends to advocate for equality of opportunity for all citizens in the society with less restrictions and openness to embrace new ideals and opportunities (Rodowick, 2014).
Ideology is a key factor in social transformation in many societies. This is because it influences the trajectory of economic and social development in any given society. The two main socio-economic ideologies that greatly influence ideology are capitalism and communism.

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