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This paper will provide you a unique opportunity to obtain more information about Modernism as a literary movement, and explore its origins, influences, causes and effects. In addition, you will have the opportunity to know its relevant authors and works.
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Modernist Literary Movement
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Modernist Literary Movement" analyzes modernism in the literature. Modernism is a literature of the twentieth century which was gestated by seven writers in different fields. These writers, born in the nineteenth century, altered people’s most fundamental interpretations of reality. They are Marx, Darwin, Freud, Bergson, Nietzsche, Saussure and Einstein. Marx’s and Marxist influence upon Modernism is undeniable. Marx placed crisis at the center of capitalist development, and Modernism has been characterized as a literature of crisis. Additionally, the impact of Darwin’s evolutionary theory influenced Modernist writing, in a close relation to Marx’s critique of capitalism. “Both evolution and capitalism were great levelers, supposedly liberating individuals from archaic rule by the clergy and the aristocracy but dividing humanity between the strong and the weak, either physically or financially”. The crisis that pervades twentieth-century culture is not only an economic one. A great crisis of belief constitutes the starting point of Modernism, and it was caused by the loss of faith, experience of fragmentation and disintegration, and the shattering of cultural symbols and norms. “At the center of this crisis were the new technologies of science, the epistemology of logical positivism, and the relativism of functionalist thought –in short, major aspects of the philosophical perspectives that Freud embodied”. Freud’s interpretation of personality and dreams was present in Modernist framework.

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