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Analysis A Step from Heaven by An Na - Essay Example

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The author analyzes "A Step from Heaven" of An Na, a story told in the character Young Ju's voice. It is a story of her childhood and coming of age in a foreign land, together with her Korean family. At the young age of four, Young Ju's family immigrates to the US with high hopes of a better life…
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Analysis A Step from Heaven by An Na
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Download file to see previous pages In the land where they were supposed to escape poverty, they became more submerged in poverty. Both parents tried working various jobs to provide for the family's needs. This was especially hard on Young Ju's father as head of the family and the pressure takes its toll on the children, and more importantly on her mother. Young Ju grows up with a gripping knowledge that his father has changed over time. From the father she respected and loved, he became a stranger who was always angry at her mother and the children, even at times when he should be reasonably happy or contented. Young Ju excels in her achievements with the help of her supportive mother despite the troubling situation at home and the added pressure of being one of the few Asian kids at school. Without a doubt, she grows up confused and stuck between absorbing two cultures that have become rooted in her being. One part of her is trying hard to be the submissive Korean daughter at home, while the other part of her is the Americanized girl who grows up knowledgeable and open-minded.
As time goes by, her father's abusive attitude towards her mother intensifies. During a terrifying incident of her father's abusive rage, Young Ju makes a difficult choice against her father that frees her mother, brother and herself from the destructive life that they have been living for years. The story finishes with the three of them living yet a more different and freer life apart from her father. With the help of her mother, Young Ju is able to achieve a sense of understanding on how her father has become weary and vicious. "While some of the details can be harsh, as befits the subject, the book is endowed with a haunting grace by the exquisite voice of a new young writer"(Chira). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis A Step from Heaven by An Na Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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